Box supports File Transfer Protocol (FTP) as an add-in to your Box account, and is supported for all known FTP clients. We recommend FTP as an easy way to upload or download large files and folders, or migrate files off legacy storage into your Box account.

FTP is a great option if you need to do a one-time migration of data into Box.

Follow the instructions below to connect your Box account with FTP:

*Prerequisite: SSO is not supported, so you will not be able to login to the FTP client with AD or LDAP credentials. If you are using SSO, you must create an external Box password by going into Account Settings > Create External Password.

Step 1: Install the FTP client of your choice (the Box Team prefers the FileZilla client found here:
- Download the FileZilla FTP client
- Run the installation and follow the setup instructions 

Step 2: Connect to Box via FileZilla
- Open FileZilla
- Click on the Site Manager icon in the upper left-hand corner (See screenshot below)

Step 3: In the pop-up window, click New Site and name the site “Box”
- Replicate the settings in the General Tab (see screenshot below), using your Box email and password.

Step 4: Click Connect!
- If the connection was successful you should see your local directories on one side, and your Box directories on the other (see screenshot below)

- We don’t recommend using FTP as a 2-way sync mechanism, check out Box Sync for that
- Box only supports passive FTP connections
- Port 21 is for regular FTP, and Port 990 is for secure SSL connection (FTPS)
- We recommend that no more than 150,000 files or 250GB of total data should be included in each FTP batch